THE gift of beauty

My Fairy Godfathers, aka, Steven Anderson and Andrew Ashton have been helping young girls and women with the "Gift of Beauty” since 2010. But Steven and Andrew started even before that in the early 2000's when they created their "Make Me a Supermodel" contest. In conjunction with a local magazine, they awarded the recipient the chance to be a cover model.

It was an eye-opening experience for the duo. They assumed it would be just girls looking to have a chance to model, but the women who applied all had some kind of conflict or health related issue in the lives. It soon became apparent that there was an entire group of women and girls who really needed a boost of confidence and a chance to change the circumstances they were faced with.

So, in 2010 Steven & Andrew changed their direction. Their efforts would be to help young girls and women in need. Each year they pick a variety of recipients through the My Fairy Godfathers® Foundation. 

MEET Steven

Celebrity Stylist with 45+ years hair & makeup experience, but also:

  • A Husband, Father of 3, and Grandfather of 7
  • A brilliant Portrait Artist
  • Can't live without chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate! (and then some desserts!)
  • An extrovert that finds energy in being around a lot of people
  • Hosting dinner parties full of family and friends
  • Loves the finer things in life - there is no such thing as too much of a good thing!
  • His go-to outfit is a pair of nice black slacks, a black shirt, and big bold jewelry (see the above point about his love for the finer things!)


MEET Andrew

Celebrity Stylist with 25+ years hair & makeup experience, but also:

  • Father to one amazing son he truly adores
  • Educator on a national level for 7+ years (he loves to teach!)
  • He's a morning person - feet hit the ground and off he goes!
  • He LOVES to cook (huge foodie!)
  • Takes his coffee strong and black
  • You'll often find him in the gym - he loves to workout
  • On the weekends you'll find him wearing a baseball hat so he doesn't have to do his hair 
  • His guilty pleasure - a glass of dry, full-bodied red wine paired with a great charcuterie board!



"I am at a loss for words for what you have done for me. Thank you for all of the courage you have given me"

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